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Signature Series

The landscape of nutritional medicine continues to evolve as new research and developments emerge. Though there is no shortage of good professional brands that offer high quality formulas, keeping pace with nutritional research and formula enhancements can prove costly, challenging, and time-consuming for many nutraceutical companies. Far too often innovation takes a backseat to convenience, and companies may neglect to improve existing formulas once sent to market. Though innovation is not without challenge or cost, it exemplifies our approach to Signature Series formulas. Biospec Signature Series formulas represent a superior level of nutritional expertise, supported by the most current nutritional research and clinical experience. Our Signature Series products are created to target and address the underlying chemical factors that contribute to specific imbalance and dysfunction within the body. Pure raw materials, effective clinical potencies, and synergistic ingredient combinations to enhance metabolic action are a hallmark of every Signature Series formula. As one might expect, Signature Series formulas are continuously improved with the availability of more current research or superior ingredients. Our desire to maximize efficacy facilitates all product enhancements, and we never deviate from valid nutritional principles or product philosophy to satisfy popular trends. At Biospec we always aim to make your professional choices simple, effective, and affordable to your patients. We understand and believe that superior formulas yield superior results!