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Interactive Product Catalog

The 2016 Biospec product catalog was introduced in January of the same year, and contains product formulas and company information relative to that date. Additional product and company information including new products, revised formulas, company updates and research can be located in other areas of this website. The interactive catalog is available for download and printing. Additionally, the links included within allow viewers to quickly move seemlessly from page to page, or product to product without the need to scroll to reach a particular page.

Clinical Updates

A consortium of original articles and nutritional resources provided by Dr. Greg Fors, Biospec’s Chief Scientific Officer, offer broad to specific details covering the conditions and dysfunction found in many patients today. The role of nutrition and its relationship to metabolic dysfunction is addressed in the majority of these updates.

Presentations Archive

These materials were created as educational and marketing resources and include videos, webinars, PowerPoints, interviews, newsletters, and other information that may offer additional insight into the omnipresent and ever-expanding world of nutrition and natural healthcare. Other information covering the wellness challenges faced by practitioners and patients today is also offered.

Nutritional Protocols

These nutritional protocols were created to provide a synopsis of specific metabolic factors ranging from Insulin resistance to chronic pain and musculoskeletal health to adrenal and hormone imbalance among others. Both technical and other factual information are provided to further assist healthcare practitioners when educating patients on risk factors and nutritional intervention.

Patient Brochures

Biospec Patient Brochures were created to help educate patients on the utility and application of individual products and product groupings, as well as facts related to specific conditions. These brochures were created for use within healthcare practices, but can be viewed in PDF format by selecting a specific brochure.

Useful Links

Links provided direct visitors to useful resources and companies either supported or affiliated with Biospec Nutritionals and/or Practitioner Supply Company. These links may include wellness related sites, other companies whose products we carry, or members of our distribution network around the country.