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Hormone : Body Optimization (Men)

As men age, testosterone production naturally decreases. There are multiple life threatening consequences of low testosterone levels, in combination with other hormonal imbalances. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the serious associated health risks. 

Hormone therapy can be very effective in reducing troubling symptoms or keeping labs within an acceptable range, yet this does not address the root of the problem which resides upstream.

Hormone imbalances and dysfunction, in isolation or part of an official diagnosis, are quite often the product of oxidative stress. This understanding is well-established in medical research; however, the current medical approach to treating hormone imbalances typically involve a downstream approach, like insulin therapy in type-2 diabetes or testosterone replacement in hypogonadism for example. 

Consider a nutraceutical approach to help prevent the downstream effects that result in low testosterone, which may lead to further serious health complications.

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